TCARGO, the first photovoltaic cargo bike

TCargo bike solutions offers your business a ‘zero impact’ opportunity for the environment

Six different models for every business need

Not only a cargo bike.
Discover all the features.

Technologically versatile and multifunctional.
TCargo contributes to drastically reducing energy consumption, thanks to the use of its onboard solar panels.
It can move freely within traffic restricted areas, as well as pedestrian areas.
Even the environment benefits of it, with a sensible acoustic pollution reduction and zero emissions in the atmosphere.

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Onboard computer

TCargo efficiency is guaranteed and tracked via its onboard computer allowing 5 speed gears variations and power level settings, to meet every user’s need


The 17” rims allow TCargo to avoid every obstacle that can come across the road, without contingencies

Brake system

KERS regenerative braking, Kinetics Energy Recovery System and battery recharge. The disc brake, installed on each wheel hub, guarantees a powerful brake capacity

Payload capacity

250kg / 551 lbs. + Rider Total loading volume of 1,95 m3 / 68,86 ft³

Photovoltaic panel

The photovoltaic panels ensure full power autonomy to the TCargo, they power the pedal assist system enabling an easy use for every displacement. GENERATED POWER OUTPUT: 250 W


4 AGM batteries withstanding high recharging cycles allow 2 full days autonomy in standard conditions


Length: 2,95 m / 9’8” Width: 1,2 m / 3’11” Height: 1,95 m / 6’5”

Customize your TCargo

with a wide variety of accessories;63

TCargo is the best solution within restricted access areas,
pedestrian areas, cycle lanes and parks;

Numerous are the advantages in adopting an ecological solution such as TCargo

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